We are proud to announce the list of the speakers attending HTSHFF2023, and the titles of their talks.


  • Andrea Alimenti, Microwave Surface Impedance Measurements in REBCO Films and Coated Conductors in High Magnetic Fields
  • Claire Antoine, HTC for Superconducting accelerators: We need you!
  • Emma Batson, Superconducting nanowire devices in novel materials: High Critical Temperatures and Transparent Superconductors
  • Sam Benz, Quantum-based Voltage Waveform Synthesis at NIST
  • William Brey, A 13C-Optimized Probe Based on Thin Film Resonators for a 21.1-T NMR Spectrometer
  • Sergio Calatroni, REBCO Coatings for High-Gradient RF Applications
  • Ilya Charaev, Single-photon detection using high-temperature superconductors
  • Denis Crété, Limitations on Two-Dimensional Josephson Junctions Arrays for RF Magnetic Field Detection
  • Shane Cybart, In-Plane Tunnel Spectroscopy of Cuprate Superconductors with Nano-Scale Josephson Junctions
  • Alessandro D'Elia, RESILIENCE: Magnetic field resilient microwave single photon detector based on van der Waals Josephson junctions
  • Oleksandr Dobrovolskiy, Microwave stimulation of superconductivity in the vortex state
  • Nicolas Freytag, Superconducting Devices in NMR Probes: Advantages and Challenges
  • Gianluca Ghigo, Coplanar resonator techniques for the investigation of superconducting films and crystals
  • Sam Posen, Application of Nb3Sn coating technology from particle accelerators to cavities for multi-tesla axion haloscopes
  • Joffre Gutierrez Royo, Low-surface impedance REBCO coatings for applications under high magnetic fields
  • Michael Hamilton, Materials and Characterization Approaches for Superconductive Packaging and Interconnect Technologies
  • Dominik Hanisch, High-Tc Josephson Junction Array Modified by Gallium Focused Ion Beam
  • Christelle Kadlec, Determination of the mass of fluxon in high-temperature superconductors YBaCuO using THz Light
  • Itsuhiro Kakeya, Terahertz electromagnetic wave radiations from intrinsic Josephson junction stack of Bi2212 cuprate
  • Eugene Kogan, The Kinks, the Solitons and the Shocks in Series-Connected Discrete Josephson Transmission Lines
  • Anna Leese de Escobar, HTS Materials as Enablers for Low Temperature Cryogenic Systems
  • Matvey Lyatti, Towards high-Tc superconducting qubit with THz plasma frequency
  • Atsutaka Maeda, Microwave flux flow Hall effect of high-Tc cuprate superconductors and Fe chalcogenide superconductors
  • Raafat Mansour, Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Superconductor Devices for use in Superconductor Digital Receivers and Quantum Computer Applications
  • Akira Miyazaki, Potential application of HTS in the Meissner state for superconducting accelerating cavities
  • Joan O'Callaghan Castella, Novel approaches for RF testing of HTS coated-conductors for the FCC-HH
  • Daniel E. Oates, Novel tunable superconducting resonator
  • Chiko Otani, Nb thin-film superconducting microwave resonator with high quality factor for kinetic inductance detector
  • Cristian Pira, Thin Film Superconductive Haloscopes for Dark Matter Search by Physical Vapour Deposition Techniques
  • Nicola Pompeo, High frequency vortex dynamics properties of NbTi and its performances in haloscopes
  • Paul Julius Ritter, THz Microscopy of 3D THz Field Distributions Using Optimized Josephson Cantilevers
  • Marc Scheffler, Microwave spectroscopy on low-Tc superconductors: electrodynamics of doped SrTiO3
  • Wenlei Shan, Broad-band silicon membrane-based waveguide-to-superconducting CPW transition and applications in SIS receivers
  • Enrico Silva, Vortex motion and anisotropy in pristine and heavy-ion irradiated FeSeTe thin films as revealed from microwave measurements
  • Juan Trastoy, Dispersion improvement on masked ion-irradiated Josephson junctions for the development of quantum RF antennas
  • Pablo Vidal García, On the vortex-pinning properties of Nb3Sn coatings: from SRF to axion detection, and vice versa
  • Jarek Wosik, Flexible HTS tapes on dielectric YSZ substrates: fabrication and microwave characterization
  • Xiaoxing Xi, MgB2 Coating by HPCVD for 1.3-GHz Superconducting RF Cavities
  • Taro Yamashita, Novel superconducting flux quantum bits toward large-scale quantum circuits


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